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Stephen Collins is a Lehigh Valley-based guitarist and educator with more than 15 years of guitar playing experience. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, he relocated in 2012 to Nazareth, PA, where he has found home with his wife and daughter. He has played in a variety of casual and professional musical situations ranging from rock and funk to jazz and fusion.

Stephen's relationship with art began early. When he was young, his interest in drawing and painting inspired his dream of becoming a comic strip artist. However, that dream shifted from visual art to music as he watched his older brother begin to play bass guitar. Stephen was starting to feel frustrated with his art and was excited by the idea of a new creative outlet. He opened up his father's guitar case and began to explore a new means of artistic expression.

While he was immediately immersed in a new creative hobby, Stephen couldn't ignore his innate desire to discover the inner workings of his instruments. He began tinkering with his own guitars and with those of friends and bandmates until he ultimately decided to take his tinkering to the next level. He enrolled in the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair (http://www.njguitarrepairschool.com/) and worked as a guitar repair technician for a few years. 

Stephen later jumped at the opportunity to build guitars at C.F. Martin & Co. in Nazareth. It was during this time that he decided to return to his original obsession with guitar - learning music, practicing, and playing. Stephen then took some college level music courses and studied under local classical and jazz guitarist, Pete Smyser.

Stephen's current musical projects include the band Bird Dog, a groove based instrumental rock group. Stephen is also a member of the Shawn Cav Ensemble (more info at https://shawncav.bandcamp.com/) as well as the band Roulette (https://www.roulettetheband.com)